Mandatum Life Baltic SE plans to merge to its Finnish parent company

A cross-border merger between Mandatum Life Baltic SE and its Finnish parent company Mandatum Life Insurance Company Ltd is planned to be realized by the end of the year 2017, subject to regulatory approvals.

Restructuring would enable Mandatum Life to increase the profitability of the Baltic operations but also to develop and strengthen the co-operation and synergy benefits within the whole Mandatum Life Group. The merger would give also more opportunities to develop and enhance business opportunities in all of the three Baltic countries.

The merger would not have any effect to the existing insurance contracts, but they will continue be in force under the same terms they were before the merger.

Mandatum Life Latvia and Mandatum Life Lithuania already operate in a branch structure carried out by Estonian based Mandatum Life Baltic SE. As a result of the merger, Mandatum Life would continue its operation also in Estonia in a branch structure.

Further information:
Chairman of the Supervisory Board Sanna Rajaniemi,, p. 050 424 6655
Mandatum Life Insurance Baltic SE Chief Executive Officer Rasa Kasperavičiūtė,
Country manager of Mandatum Life Baltic SE Lithuanian branch Dormantas Zajančauskas,



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