Mandatum Life Baltic result for 2016

Mandatum Life Group GWP was EUR 1.116 billion (1.144) in 2016. Total technical reserves of Mandatum Life Group increased to EUR 11.3 billion (10.9). Result of the Group was EUR 210 million before taxes (181). Solvency ratio was 160% with transitional measures on technical provisions and transitional measures on equity risk. Without transitional measures solvency ratio was 102%.

Mandatum Life Insurance Baltic SE total sum at risk of life insurance grew from 634 mEUR to 665 mEUR and assets under management increased to 178 mEUR (173 mEUR) from which unit link savings were 90%. Mandatum Life Insurance Baltic SE GWP was 30 mEUR (33 mEUR), total result was a loss of 878 tEUR (2015: loss of 226 tEUR). Unit link share of the total GWP was 93%.

Number of staff was 97 (96) at the end of 2016.

“Risk premiums, risk sums and unit linked assets under management increased but gross written premiums and result were lower than last year. In 2016 we had several onetime costs, which weighted down the results”, comments the Chairman of Supervisory Board Ms. Sanna Rajaniemi.

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Mandatum Life Group
Chairman of Supervisory Board Sanna Rajaniemi, sanna.rajaniemi(at), tel +358 50 424 6655

Mandatum Life Insurance Baltic SE
Baltic CEO Rasa Kasperavičiūtė, rasa.kasperaviciute(at), tel. +370 686 88 631

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