Personal Wealth Management

Reap the full benefit of our offering and professional insight

Full-mandate wealth management allows you to benefit from the best investment ideas

You will receive personal wealth management for investment assets exceeding EUR 100,000.

Full-mandate wealth management enables you to achieve the best benefit from our insight and investment offering and selection, without having to participate in making investment decisions. You and your wealth manager decide on the investment strategy and risk level that suit you, and professionals manage your wealth accordingly.

We target stable returns on your investments in the long run. That means risk selection according to the prevailing market conditions and, if necessary, a swift response to market changes. Full-Mandate Wealth Management is realized under an insurance contract.

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What we offer for our customers

Your loyal wealth manager, who knows your values, hopes and goals, is there to support you. He or she will focus on implementing the plan you have agreed on. When the world changes or your situation or needs evolve, your wealth manager reacts. You will always have a solution suited to your needs.

  • Your wealth manager will maintain contact with you in a mutually agreed manner.
  • You benefit from an insurance contract that allows you to conveniently change the investment objects , and which makes sense in terms of taxation.
  • You have access to our experts on investing, pension solutions and preparing for personal risks.
  • You can stay on top of your investments in our Web Service.
  • You will receive a wealth management report at least four times a year.

Investing under an insurance contract

Investing under an insurance contract is suitable for both saving and investing, enhancing and managing your wealth and improving the financial security of your loved ones. Our wealth management services are carried out under an insurance contract, which means that you can change the investment objects without tax consequences. Any additional investments always increase the capital.