Investment insurance

Save easily and effectively with Investment insurance

Mandatum Life’s Investment insurance combines savings with life insurance cover. It is the right choice for you if you wish to save in a tax-smart way and use the advantages of time diversified investing. The Investment Insurance is also flexible if your goals change along the way. We can offer you a way to save and invest as suits your situation and your goals. In selecting the best option for you, the period of investment, your targeted returns, your desired risk level and how actively you would like to manage your investments all come into play. Changing your chosen investment plan is easy and convenient.

Insurance saving can be as easy as you like. You do not have to pay attention to your insurance contract unless you particularly wish to actively monitor the market or if your goals change in which case you can contribute to the return expectations of your investment and the risk involved.

  • You can choose to have your savings managed under our Portfolio Management Service, in which case you decide only on your desired risk level and we take care of the rest.
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  • If you have extensive experience in the field of investments, you can make your own selections from Mandatum Life’s extensive range of investment baskets and the investment funds of our partners. The return on your investments is determined according to the value development of the investment objects you have chosen.
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Advantages of Investment Insurance

Flexible – allows you to save easily and adjust your contributions. You can save a larger amount all at once or a smaller amount regularly, and you can put your savings plan on hold if you wish. You can withdraw your savings at any time.
Convenient – you can manage your savings and change investment objects on our Web Service.
Tax benefits – as our customer, you always invest under an insurance contract, which is a flexible and tax-smart choice. Capital gains tax is paid only on the accrued returns. Investing through a unit-linked life insurance contract into III pillar pension scheme allows you to have higher tax benefits.
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